Daniel MacKillican

Indie Author

Hi, and welcome to my website

My name, as you might have guessed, is Daniel MacKillican and I’m a British indie author. I’ve written numerous short stories, usually in the horror or science fiction genre, although I do occasionally dabble in other areas too. I also write down my thoughts in the form of poems. The subject matter for my poetry is as eclectic as my tales, from happy musings to dark and twisted verse, and sometimes I just pen the lyrical nonsense that leaps from my brain. All of the poems and short stories I add to my website are accompanied by audio narration, so you can delight in my dulcet tones. I've also added the ebook and audiobook versions of Ama (my first self-published novel) to this website. As well as trying to be creative in this reality, I also enjoy experiencing hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations and travelling into the realm of fantastical dreams which, sometimes, I manage to control with God-like powers (lucid dreams).

Simple, yet cool

Since this website is all about my writing and I want my creations to look good on all devices, I've tried to keep the layout as simple as possible to navigate and to read. There are no annoying adverts or frustrating paywalls here, but if you find my work interesting and want to show your appreciation, you can either buy a copy of my novel or leave a tip, both of which will be greatly appreciated. Anyway, take a look around and enjoy.

Novel (Horror fiction)

Death is not the end for Jason Drake. Because of the murder he committed in life, hell awaits him. But Jason is not concerned about his own soul, he wants a chance to save his daughter, and give her back the life that was taken away too soon. A demon offers him this chance, if he plays her simple game.

Ama is not for the faint-hearted

Ama is a horror story that takes a disturbing journey into the afterlife. It contains graphic descriptions of brutal violence, extreme profanity, and may cause the reader to experience unusually vivid nightmares—the demons don't always stay confined to the pages within.

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Ama can be enjoyed in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format. Available from Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, iTunes, YouTube, and this website.

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Tale (with audio narration)

How did it get to this? We were so happy together. Okay, not Hollywood fairytale happy, but we had our moments. Ten years of precious time shared, and not once did I stray, not once did I turn my head in another girls direction. I thought the same was true for her too… How bloody stupid I was. And not just once either, but four times. Four times! And right from the start too, and I knew nothing about it, until the fourth. When I found out about him and confronted her, that was when she told me about all the others. She didn’t care. She just blurted it out, just…just blurted it out in graphic, sickening detail. And she seemed to enjoy ripping me apart, piece by broken piece. Well, that was it, no more. I just exploded. Exploded with furious venom spraying from my lips, saying things I never thought I would ever say to the woman I loved. A woman who I thought loved me too. Then the knife, and after that…it was all over. Just incoherent gurgles, and a body. A lifeless, blood-soaked body. And the question: how to dispose of it?

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Poem (with audio narration)

If the bones could speak,

they would talk of Mr. Meek.

A man who takes pride in his work.

A devious soul who in the shadows does lurk.

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I’m a passenger in a fighter jet racing at incredible speed towards the stratosphere. I look out through the domed glass canopy of the plane and watch with excited eyes as the Earth falls away and the majesty of the vast sparkling void grows across my field of view. Within seconds my weight is like that of a feather.

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