A forest poem

Deep into a forest I did go
To be among life only the trees did know.

I sat on the bank of a gentle stream
Happy to let my mind wander and begin to dream.

As I listened to the birds sing and hoped the spirits would show
I became calm, at peace, and lost any sense of woe

In no time my heart was lifted
As I lay back and my mind drifted.

Come with me said a voice from afar
For I see you have many a mental scar.

I let go and left the bounds of my physical limit
To gladly be led by the woodland spirit.

For a brief moment in time I had no earthly ties
Glad to leave far behind the rat-race and lies.

Sunbeams and diamond-dew guided my path
While mischievous creatures did cause me to laugh.

I know not the time I spent lazing that day
As my soul was happily drawn away.

My love for nature was growing
As I was consumed by this forest poem.

A poem that wrote itself

Sometimes a poem writes itself, with words falling upon you like leaves from a gently swaying tree, this was one such time. I sat on the bank of the river Plym, in Shaugh Prior woods on Dartmoor, listened to the woodland whisper and wrote down this little ditty. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did dipping my toes while writing it.


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