Chapter 4 of Ama

Lilith looked to be in her early twenties. Not dissimilar to the woman depicted on the pub’s sign, but with a more remarkable beauty. An exquisite sexual quality that captivated Jason, compelling his attention away from Hobs and its human feast.

Her silken hair fell as long loose curls and lapped against the outline of her glorious curves, flowing around her ample breasts in luminous waves. But not red like the woman’s hair depicted on the pub’s sign. In fact, not any singular colour that Jason could distinguish. Her hair shimmered through a spectrum of burning shades, tender flames licking her bare porcelain skin, her astonishing sapphire-blue eyes sparkling from deep within the fire.

After a heavy breath, Sam gushed, “Isn’t she magnificent? Wouldn’t you like to slip between her thighs? And if she resists, like you hope she will, hold her down and slither over her like that snake.”

“You must be Jason Drake,” Lilith said while wiping the bloodied blade of the dagger against her thigh.

“Oh, God.” Jason’s body trembled as his mind became a broiling cauldron of fear and lust.

“No,” Lilith said. “You are one of my toys now.”

Without the slightest drop in her gaze, or perceptible effort, she swung the dagger out in a wide arc and decapitated Vermis in one unbroken move. The old man’s head flew back in a spin as a jet of thick blood spurted out from the exposed flesh of his neck. The head bounced off the pub’s window with a dull thud and came to rest beneath it. Hobs dragged Vermis’s remains from the chair to the floor and tore at the corpse with teeth and claw.

“Your thoughts are delicious,” Sam whispered. “Never mind Vermis, focus on Lilith’s beauty. Go on, feed your desire. Dominate her. Drag her to the floor and have her. Rape the succulent bitch!” He pushed Jason forward, towards Lilith.

Jason could see nothing but Lilith. She became a drug for his eyes and a provocateur to his desire. Her perfect lucent skin and toned physique exuded potent nubile vigour. She held his gaze with a tangible, yet unseen, force. She enchanted him.

As Jason’s eyes traced the outline of Lilith’s nakedness, a sudden impression of unrestrained depravity fixed in his consciousness. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he wanted to destroy this beauty with his domination of her. The feelings of lust grew to feel like suffocating vines around his morality, possessive and fierce, a burning intent to have her in all the depraved ways he could, to devour her. He could feel his sanity decaying as cascading thoughts of conquering her filled his mind and became lucid visions before his eyes, a vivid image of sexual violence that grew in brutality. He watched himself stabbing at her with his enormous erect penis as he slid with rapturous ecstasy in the steaming blood and shredded remains of Vermis. The visions became grotesque with exaggeration. He forced his elephantine penis into her as talons replaced his fingernails that tore at her flesh. In his waking dream, he was clawing at her body, tearing at her meat until claw scraped bone. He pulled her further onto him, subjugating her, ripping the skin from her belly and thrusting his pulsating penis into her lustrous flesh. The visions flickered and then faded away.

He stared at Lilith in stunned silence.

She wore an elegant smile while teasing her aroused nipples with the point of the dagger.

Jason squeezed his eyes shut as his mind raced again. It’s a nightmare, he thought. Or an hallucination. The drugs. I’m still in the hospital. The bloody doctors have just given me a double dose, that’s all. It’s not real. Thank Christ, it’s not real… It’s not real!

She laughed with childlike exuberance. “Your thoughts are amusing. No, Jason, you’re not in prison anymore. You’re dead. You died in your cell. I’ll let you have that memory back soon enough. You get one death in that world, but you’ll have many within mine. I’m here to take you home with me.”

“What? I’m not dead. I wanted to die. What the hell is going on? I’m still here. No… Not here. I didn’t die. I’m not dead… How are you hearing my thoughts? It’s the drugs, that’s all… You’re the Devil?”

Lilith giggled, and then she stroked Hobs’ head with a tender hand. It looked up at her, flesh hanging from its fierce jaws. A moment later she stopped her caress and Hobs resumed its meal, crunching down on a splintered leg bone. “No, Jason, I’m not the Devil.”

“She’s far more beautiful than that pathetic creature,” Sam simpered.

Hobs turned its head and fixed Sam with glowing red eyes, the old man’s leg still held tightly between its jaws. Hobs released a low, deep growl which reverberated through the slate floor. Its hackles rose, and a wave of silver flashed across its fur.

Lilith threw the dagger down and towards Sam’s feet. “Samael, leave Jason’s mind, and then cut out your eyes for me.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Sam crouched down and picked up the dagger. “But… I want to use these eyes to watch. Please, let me use the fat man’s eyes.”

“Cut them out, or I shall pluck them out myself.”

“No! My queen… I will.” Sam plunged the tip of the blade an inch deep into the corner of his left eye. He turned the dagger and then levered at his eyeball with the flat side of the blade. He continued this self-mutilation until the gelatinous mass popped from its socket. It hung down on his cheek by its fibrous optic nerve. Sam grabbed at it and pulled, ripping the eyeball and nerve from its mooring. He repeated the barbarous procedure with his right eye. Once he had finished, he held out both eyeballs, offering them to Lilith. “There, my queen, for you.”

“You’re a bore, Samael. I’ll play with you later.” Lilith waved her hand with dismissive nonchalance.

Before a word of protest could pass his lips, Sam turned into a vaporous apparition of his former self. His body rose a few inches from the ground. The dagger passed straight through his hand and fell clanking to the floor. Sam’s translucent body writhed in an agonised rejection of its sudden transformation. His body stretched and deformed. He reached out towards Lilith with the eyeballs still in his hand, as intense pain carved itself upon his aeriform face. His arms twisted until the bones broke with an audible snap. His skin ripped and more bones shattered. Jason winced at the sound of Sam’s body tearing itself apart, but he couldn’t look away. The mutilation continued while it hung unsupported in mid-air. One by one his fingers peeled back and broke. Ribs cracked and tore through his exorbitant flesh and then through his shirt, shredding the material as his chest tore open. His internal organs liquefied and then oozed from the open cavity. And still no blood came.

Jason looked on with sickening awe as Sam’s body was turned into pulp. Then his gaze shot to Lilith and he saw ecstasy burning within her gemstone eyes. He was in no doubt that she had a power with which she orchestrated events with expert and composed control. She, and she alone, was the artist of these macabre proceedings.

A few tortured seconds later and Sam became a vague confusion of ripped and broken body parts, only held together by the tattered rags of his clothes. Sam’s mangled, translucent body hung motionless in the air.

Jason’s balance failed him. He fell back against a table which slid away from him. His arms sprang out for a chair to steady himself and he pulled it over with him as he went crashing to the hard floor. With feverish fear, he picked himself up and then launched himself into an uncoordinated dive towards the dagger on the floor. A moment later he wrapped his right hand around the dagger’s handle. A sharp sting shot up his arm as the metal of the dagger’s handle touched the exposed flesh of his cut hand. He gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the pain. Once he had a good grip, he pulled back and away from Sam’s floating pulpy mass. He stood up and held the blade out towards Lilith in a shaky defensive posture.

Lilith closed her eyes and let out a satisfied moan. The floating concoction that was once Sam imploded without a sound into nothingness. With a sigh, she opened her eyes and smiled at Jason.

“Love can be such a violent affair.” She moved with elegant steps towards Jason, a practised seductress moving in on her virgin prey. “Now, I’ll show you how sweet my love can be.”

Without taking his eyes off her, he retreated at speed until his lower back crashed into the bar’s countertop. He held out the blade in timid defence towards the approaching woman. “Wait… I don’t know what’s going on here, but stay the fuck away from me.”

Lilith stopped and glanced down at the dagger. “That dagger has ended many, but it cannot end me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Jason said in a tremulous voice, as he tightened his gripped on the dagger’s handle.

Lilith placed a finger against the tip of the blade. “Don’t worry, Jason, you won’t. You’re a simple thing, and I like to play. So, shall we play?”

Jason’s mind raced as he looked for any possible way to escape this terrifying place.

Lilith pushed her finger against the blade. “Ancient and pretty, but, from what you once were, you must return.”

“What? I don’t…”


Jason’s hand snapped into a fist. He looked at his fist in disbelief and then opened it. He now held nothing but a handful of dust. A wispy grey ribbon rose from his palm.

His flight response took over, forcing him to move. He slid backwards along the edge of the countertop and scrambled to the corner of the room, raising his hands in defence. “No… No. Wait… Why am I getting special treatment? There are people who’ve done far worse than me.”

With a quizzical look, Lilith watched as Jason skittered across the room. “Special treatment? You aren’t special, Jason, you’re no more significant than the dirt upon this floor. I like to play with all who come my way.”

“Who are you?” Jason asked, as he tried to push himself further back into the corner of the room. The path to all exits passed too close to this demon in female form.

“Well, let’s just say I was the first to walk from the shadows.”

“Lilith? Sam said your name is Lilith,” Jason asked, trying to buy time.

“I have many names, but Lilith is as good as any other. You can call me that if you like. Many do. I think I’ll enjoy hearing you scream it when I excite your senses. Many do that, too.”

“Excite my senses? No, wait… What are you?”

“So many questions, Jason. Okay, I’ll play along. If you believe in God, I am the one creation He will not undo. But I know you don’t believe in all that nonsense. So, who am I? Who indeed? Peter knows who I am, but you didn’t want to listen to him, did you. Well, he has returned to his God, now you’re leaving with yours. Shall we go?”

“Peter? I thought he was just another religious nut. How was I to know? Where is he? I’ll listen to what he has to say. I didn’t know.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. What’s done is done. I have an eternity, but I don’t feel like wasting too much of it here with you. So, time for us to go home.”

Jason fell to his knees, with hands and arms held tight to his bowed head. Self-respect and a willingness to fight were no longer in his possession. Forced humility was driving him to the cold, hard ground. He cowered, expectant of the torture and destruction he had seen inflicted on Sam. As he stared at the floor, he heard Lilith’s soft footsteps. Jason remained in a kneeling foetal position as the footsteps drew nearer.

Lilith’s bare feet stepped into Jason’s view. A long moment passed and then her dainty feet had company. Two enormous clawed paws stepped into view. Vermis consumed, Hobs took its place by Lilith’s side.

Lilith spoke, as a loving mother to her frightened child. “What’s wrong, Jason? Why are you so sad? You should be happy because I can see Emily. Don’t you want to see her, too?”

“My daughter is… dead,” Jason answered. Fear was still holding his gaze to the ground.

“No, she isn’t. Not yet anyway. If we’re quick, you can see her again. Wouldn’t you like that?”


Blood-laced drool dripped from Hobs’ mouth, splattering the ground and splashing up into Jason’s spiritless face. The creature’s steaming breath was thick with the nauseating smell of its recent meal.

“Together we shall go see your daughter and watch her innocent, playful ways. Then we’ll watch as your wonderful wife smashes her skull, ending a short and pointless life. I think that would be a magical thing, don’t you?”

Jason snapped his eyes shut. He heard a loud gut-wrenching sound. A sorrowful cry of pain. The sound of an animal caught in a snare and calling out its anguish.

Jason’s throat became rough and burnt, and the sound faded.


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