Dreaming of Death, who looks a bit grey

Last night I had loads of dreams, and what’s more, I remembered to lay still when I awoke and let the memory of those dreams sink-in. All I had left to do was reach out of my bed, grab my phone, and record them. Go on, Danny, I thought, grab your phone and make a note of those dreams… No, don’t you dare let yourself drift off again… Wake up! Wake…up… Z… z… z…

An hour later I woke up and… Damn and blast, I’d forgotten all but one of those dreams. This was not one of the better dreams either, that much I do remember, because this dream involved a horrible feeling of vertigo. So, whilst I try to ignore the sickly feeling I get when thinking of extreme heights, here’s my one surviving dream from last night.

Chasing Death up the scaffolding

I’m driving a car at great speed, while chasing another car. The other car skids to a halt along an ordinary suburban street. A large figure jumps out of the car… Death? Well, he looks like the archetypal Grim Reaper: Very tall and dressed in a long, hooded cloak, although he appears to have left his scythe in the car. The cloak is a bit odd-looking though, as it is not black but a rather washed-out grey colour instead. But I’m in no doubt as to what he is, as I watch him—Death—run off.

I get out of my car and chase Death through some back streets and then into a shabby looking shopping mall. It’s very claustrophobic as I continue my pursuit up a narrow, winding stairwell within the mall. There are crowds of people selling their wares from rickety tables on each landing, with barely enough room for me to move past. Suddenly I lose my balance and fall against the wall. To my horror I realise that the walls are not made of stone or concrete but some kind of flimsy canvas material, which is attached to interlocking metal poles..?

This entire shopping mall is made of scaffolding, and not positioned around a building; the scaffolding is the building. The floor is formed from badly balanced wooden boards, and the walls are made of canvas which is blowing like the sails of a ship in the wind. I look out while holding on tight to one of the metal poles and realise that I’m hundreds of feet up. Vertigo kicks me in the stomach as the structure moves back and forth with the wind. I notice the Grim Reaper making his escape by sliding down one of the poles. I quickly take hold of one of the central poles and look down… Oh my God, it’s a long, long way down. I wrap my hands and feet around the pole and hang-on for dear life as I begin to descend. I’m moving at great speed to the ground… I feel sick as hell… My eyes are ablaze with fear… I wake up.


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