Final book trailer test renders

Here are just a few of the final test renders I made before making the film scenes for the Ama book trailer. I actually rendered hundreds of stills, before I was happy with the result. These images are closer, than the early test renders, to what I had pictured in my minds-eye when I wrote the story; the temple, for example, is pretty much spot-on, and the creepy girl in the church graveyard, apart from her hair, looks the part.

I had a similar problem while simulating the girl’s hair to that of the nature scene: every time I ran the simulation strands of her hair flew off in all directions and, in a rather disturbing way, through her head too. It’s a shame that due to time constraints—I was impatient to publish the actual novel—I did not let my computer finish all the rendering so I could use them in the final version of the book trailer. To give an idea of the time scales involved in the rendering process: the original church graveyard scene would have taken, if I had rendered the full ten second sequence, a little over a month to complete (computer on 24/7).


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