While stumbling across Dartmoor one day I happened upon a quarry,
I sat down to eat my lunch but was interrupted by a man called Donny.

I’m sorry to bother you, Donny said, but I’ve lost my Impy,
It’s a bothersome creature and really quite wimpy.

Once it ran from its own shadow for hours until it was almost dead,
Thankfully I caught up with Impy and made it rest-up in bed.

I wouldn’t burden myself with such a thing but it can grant wonderful wishes,
It also keeps my house neat and tidy, and brings a sparkle to all my dishes.

Donny saw the look of confusion on my face and gave a little smile,
I see you don’t believe me, he said with a chuckle, but Impy really can beguile.

It also has a bit of a problem with numbers, which is great for me,
Because so far I’ve had ten wishes granted, although given only three.

I shouldn’t be telling you all this, Donny said with a look of worry,
You might want Impy for yourself, and head off in a scurry.

I looked up at Donny while feeling a sense of shame,
I met a creature a while ago and think Impy and it are one and the same.

How big is your Impy? I asked, while biting down on my lunch,
I had to chomp down hard on my sandwich, which caused a helluva crunch.

It’s a tiny wee thing, Donny replied, with no more than a marble for a head,
It fact, he continued, it would happily fit between the crust of your bread.

Sorry, I said, but I haven’t seen your friend this day,
But if I do happen upon Impy I will be sure to send him your way.

As I watched a dejected Donny walk off and resume his course,
I thought my sandwich might taste better with a dash of sauce.


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