My wandering book

I’ve left a copy of my novel in a wonderful little book exchange in an equally wonderful little village in Cornwall. Inside this book is a note asking the reader to give the book to someone else after reading.

The note reads:

Hello, dear reader. I hope you enjoy the horror within.
Once done reading, please don’t put me on a shelf or throw me in a bin.
Let the author know where I am in the world, then send me on my way,
As he is curious to follow my journey and see how far I get each day.
Say hi through his website and let him know where you’re from,
It’s easy to do at
My journey started from a lovely book exchange in Cargreen,
An old red telephone box that is a wonder to be seen.
Give me to a family member, a friend, or leave me in a charity shop,
Anywhere and to anyone you like, so my travels don’t stop.
Many thanks, if you do play along with the author’s little game,
He’s hopeful this isn’t it for me, as that would be such a shame.
Please place this note back inside the front cover,
So it’s easy for my next owner to discover.

Just a bit of curious fun.


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