Strange but not quite a nightmare

Not a good night

Last night my sleep pattern went completely off the rails due to not feeling tip-top. All in all I managed to get about five hours kip. Below are the vague and confusing fragments of a few dreams I had. I can’t believe that I didn’t become lucid during these dreams, as there were so many odd moments that should have made me realise ‘I’m dreaming’.

Before the dream, here’s a useful bedtime read

I’m currently reading Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide by Daniel Love, of which I highly recommend to anybody who wants to learn more about the fascinating subject of lucid dreams, specifically how to improve your chances of having them. In the book, Daniel mentions that he has a tattoo on his wrist which simply reads ‘Dream?’, to remind him to ask himself if he is dreaming whenever he sees his tattoo. The idea being that if you make a habit of asking yourself if you’re dreaming during your waking day, you may ask the same question of yourself while in a dream and subsequently have the wonderful realisation that yes, you are indeed in the midst of a dream, thereby triggering your lucid dream adventure.

Although I am enthusiastic about lucid dreaming, the same cannot be said about the idea of getting a tattoo done—I might work up the nerve to do it one day, but right now I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a wuss about the idea. So, I’ve made a simple paracord bracelet for myself instead, complete with alphabet beads spelling out the word ‘Dreaming’. Hopefully, this should serve the same purpose as a tattoo and remind me to ask myself the question: Is this a dream? Or is there really a bug-eyed monster about to run off with my jeans?

Anyway, here is my dream journal entry for last night… Or this morning… Ah! You know what I mean:

I’m in a department store. I let a woman walk through a small gap between the display shelves, before me. She thinks I made a derogatory comment about her as she passed by and proceeds to tell the other shoppers what a horrible man I am. The other shoppers all start having a go at me. I protest my innocence by telling them that I made no such comment, but they don’t listen to anything I say. I tell one particular guy, who is becoming particularly aggressive towards me, that I would be happy to beat him senseless with the nearest clothes-rack if he doesn’t shut the hell up.

I’m now in a large open-plan office, being chased by some kind of ghost—I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. Suddenly a large pen (a foot long novelty pen of some kind) starts moving down the corridor, which is at the end of the office, towards me. I grab it as it slowly slides over a sofa, because I know that if it takes to the air it will fly at me like a missile. The pen tries to get away from me, but I keep hold of it as it drags me around the office.

I’m now standing in the middle of a street. A woman suddenly appears in front of me with a big smile on her face; she also has two different coloured eyes. I know that she can vanish at will and become a demon or ghost—was this the same spirit from the office? I’m not sure—so I put my arm around her to stop her from going anywhere. She says that the only way I can stop her from becoming a ghost again is if I buy her a drink. She gets on the back of my moped and we ride off together. We are soon riding along some rough streets where ghosts seem to be mingling with gangs of yobs and shouting at me and my demoness passenger. We’re on an incredibly high stone bridge, and then… That’s it.

I wake up and concentrate on remembering my dreams for a few minutes, before grabbing my phone and making notes.


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