Talking to myself while watching the naughty fairies

Although I know I had loads of dreams last night, yet again I can only remember a fragment of one. And yet again, the substance of that dream should have given me a hefty slap across my sleeping mind, as it screamed, “You’re dreaming! Quick, switch to lucid mode.”

Here’s the dream:

I’m walking across the local park (which is exact in every way to the real one), when I spot a guy flying a kite. I walk over to him and watch for a moment as the kite soars across the sky.

“Hello,” I say.

The man turns to me, smiles, and returns the greeting. I recognise the guy as me; only me from a few years ago, when I had longer hair (not a good look).

“You’re me,” I say. I’m not shocked, just happy to meet myself—yeah, I know that sounded a bit narcissistic—I talk to myself quite a bit in the ‘real’ world, so to have a tangible me to look at while conversing is cool. This is the dream sign that should have turned-on the old light bulb in my head, but, alas, it didn’t.

My doppelgänger looks over to my right and at the rather lovely natural flower-bed that borders the park. I turn to follow his/my gaze. Flashes of light are weaving amongst the poppies, large daisies, and cornucopia of other beautiful flowers waving in the lazy breeze.

“What are they?” I ask my doppelgänger, while watching the fantastical display.

“They’re the naughty fairies.”


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