The bubble ride

I had two rather pleasing bottles of wine last night, which might have influenced this dream a bit. I may have to perform further research into the effects of wine on my night-time escapades—it would be purely for reasons of scientific study of course… Okay, that’s a load of crap, I’m just looking for an excuse to drink another two tonight.

Anyway, enough of the prattle, here’s the dream

There’s a bin in front of me, which is full to overflowing. It’s bugging me that it hasn’t been emptied yet. I watch as empty cans, sweet wrappers, etc., keep falling off the top of this small mountain of rubbish. I try to clean up the mess, but no matter how hard I ram it all back in, things continue to fall over the rim of the bin again.

I notice that I’m at a funfair, stood by the entrance to one of the rides, which is within a huge rectangular building made predominantly of glass. I walk through a set of sliding doors and into the building, then give my ticket to a smart-looking woman in a red suit standing by a desk. She starts telling me about a disaster that happened at the park a few years before, when many people were tied to the tracks of a roller coaster and then cut into pieces as the cars rolled over them. As the woman continues to relay the graphic details of this hideous story, while a looped film of the incident plays on a large TV screen behind her, I notice a famous Hollywood actor walking up a large winding staircase. I don’t know who the actor is, and he is walking away from me so I can’t see his face, but somehow I know he is an actor. I follow him up the stairs and try to see who he is.

Suddenly, I’m waist high in translucent white bubbles: about the same size and consistency of fairground balloons but more like giant soap bubbles, which pop and come together to form bigger bubbles. There are millions of them and they’re flowing like a river through the building. I get caught-up in the current and carried along with all the bubbles. I’m laughing as I’m swept through enormous rooms and vast corridors. I can see a number of other people who are also being carried along with me, all of whom seem to be enjoying the bubble ride too.

I wake up thinking how cool a ride like that would be. As I write this, I’m reminded of the old ball-pools I used to enjoy playing in when I was a kid.


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