The Missing Book

It took nine years for me to complete my first novel, so when I got to the point where I could publish and send it out into the world, I wanted to inform (or bug) everyone I knew. I sent a number of copies of my novel to family and friends, spending a small fortune in the process. After a week or so, I was horrified to find out that half had not made it to their final destinations. Further to my horror was the fact that some of the missing books contained personal letters, one of which was to my father.

To cut a long and frustrating story short, I was eventually informed by the post office that some of the address labels had probably fallen off, in which case they would have been sent to the ‘lost mail sorting office’, in Ireland. Damn and blast! Okay, I thought, no point in continuing to bang my head against the wall, just send out new ones—this time, as I should have done the first time, recorded delivery! So that’s what I did, and moved on. I’d forgotten all about it, until I received a short message via the contact form on my website. I’ll let the lovely lady from Ireland speak for herself (I hope you don’t mind, Josephine):
“Recently purchased a copy of your book Ama in a local charity shop, inside the front cover was a letter from you to your father, I would like to return it to you, if possible.”
It’s good to know that the post office didn’t just throw my book into the bin, and, although not its intended destination, let it continue on its way to find a new home.

Many thanks again, Josephine, I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. And I hope you enjoy reading Ama.


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