Daniel MacKillican is a British writer, poet (this is debatable but he thinks it’s poetry), and author of the horror novel Ama. He came into this world on the fifteenth day of September, 1973. It was a sunny morning in Bathavon, where he opened his eyes for the first time, and the clouds were few and far between.

After four and a bit decades since that day, and apart from the odd blip here and there, he’s of the opinion that life is quite an interesting adventure and found that his grey matter is spun into motion by a wide variety of things—if you spend some time perusing this website, you will soon become aware of just how eclectic Daniel’s interests are; this website is a reflection of that. It is now another sunny day, this time over Cornwall.

Daniel still has a ‘normal’ job, while waiting for his ship to come in, and can sometimes be found swearing at other drivers on the highways and byways of the UK or getting lost down some dead-end lane somewhere in the back of beyond. Yes, that’s right, he’s a white-van man… or, more specifically, a self-employed courier.

Becoming a writer

Daniel has an active, if sometimes a somewhat twisted imagination, and likes to let his thoughts evolve upon the page. He used to rock back and forth in his chair while letting his mind wander, but we won’t talk about that. He sometimes uses the voice recorder on his mobile phone to record his thoughts, but his Bristolian accent drives him nuts—Bristol is where he spent most of his early years, where it rains a lot.

Daniel has written numerous short stories. Most of these works are in either the horror or science-fiction genre; although, he does occasionally dabble in other areas. Until now, though, he has shied away from letting anyone else read his stories or glance an eye over his penned musings: For fear of being told the work is utter crap and that he should cut the legs of his futile writing bug forthwith. Obviously, this is a bad frame of mind to have. Beacons to this self-deprecation are the numerous writing pads that mingle with the books upon his shelves. These pads were once scrawled upon with enthusiastic vigour, until the pen was capped with an abrupt hand and the covers were slapped shut. The stories were then placed on a shelf between beautiful books written by literary greats, other writers who took that next step and let their stories see the light of day.

At last! A published author

I have no idea why, maybe he’s at that funny age, but now he thinks, ‘What the hell, and come what may, I will publish my work’. Speaking of which, Daniel has serialised Ama on this website; Click here to be whisked off to Chapter 1 of Ama now, and published the full audiobook on here too. Of course, if you would prefer to read it on your Kindle, or if you like the feel of a proper book in your hands, you could always buy yourself a copy—he will be sure to raise a glass to you if you do.

Well, that’s me… I mean, that’s him.